2018 Nanny Goat Tournament

The rain held off until after the tournament! We had a great turnout, full field with 52 players from all around the Hill Country.  Thanks to all the numerous volunteers that helped make this a successful tournament.

Here are the results:

1st Flight Championship Flight
3rd net, Kathleen Sequra, Flying L
2nd NET Juanita Brooks, Balconies
1st net, Janet Hooten, Flying L
3rd gross, Donna Tests, Balcones
2nd gross, not pictured, Donna Grant, Delaware Springs
2st gross, Heidy Rodgers, Delaware Springs
2nd Flight
3rd net Sander Fox, Amazing Women Sisters of the Green
2nd NET, Joann Hill. Flying L
1st net, Ruby Fairchild, Balcones
3rd gross, not pictured, Sally Stemac, Delaware Springs
2nd gross, Betty Goodman, Balcones
1st gross, Cynthia Mahan, Point Venture
3rd Flight
3rd net, Bonnie Whittle, Lighthouse
2nd NET, Carol Palmer, Amazing Women & Sisters of the Green
1st net,, Nancy Strovet, AW&SG
3rd gross, Nan Knapp, Point Venture
2nd gross, Cynthia Bauer, Comanche Creek
1st gross, Carole Curry, Point Venture
4th Flight
3rd net, Judy McAlister, Blue Lake
2nd NET, Kathy Bradley, Commanche Creek
1st net, Charlotte Luedeke, Hidden Falls
3rd Gross, Sally Jones, Point Venture
2nd gross, Kathleen Misery, Amazing Women &Sisters of the Green
1st Gross, Kathy Koch, Flying L