MGA 1-17-19

Finally a nice Thursday.  We had 20 golfers today and there were as many 18 hole golfers as there were putters and 9 holers.  The game today was Medal Play with Frank Severn taking first place with a net 62.  Bruce Lomax and John Buford shared second place with a net score of 63.  Mark Atkins won the closest to the pin contest.  Bob Tuttle had the low gross score of 69.

Sign up for lunch on February 2nd.  We still need cooks.


BLGC MGA 9-Holer Report

Absolutely fantastic weather brought out ten of the BLGC MGA World Famous 9-Holers for a game of Medal Play today. Sort of reminds one of a bunch of old bears coming out of hibernation after a winter’s nap!

The putters scored a total of three “ACES” today (James, C.L. and Doug did – Don didn’t).

Here’s how the Herd did today:

Putting Competition (handicap adjusted and always subject to change):

1st Place for $4: James Longoria, 36 putts;

2nd Place for $3: Doug Miller, 36.25 putts;

3rd Place for $1: C.L. Newsome, 37.25 putts;

4th Place for $1: Don Webb, 38.5 putts (yep, last again Bill)

Golfing Competition (also handicapped):

1st Place for $4: Greg Kepner, net 31 ½;

2nd Place for $3: Paul Castiglione, net 32 ½;

3rd Place for $1: Jim Buckingham, net 33 ½;

4th Place for $1: Mac McConahy, net 34;

5th Place for $1: Bob Westbrook, net 35;

6th Place for $1: John Moran, net 37 ½.


That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake.

Paul Castiglione

9-Holer Herder

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