MGA Results – 10-10-19

Hopefully we are seeing the last hot day.  Maybe that is why we had only 15 golfers.  There were 7 eighteen hole golfers who played our Medal Play format; 4 green tee nine hole golfers and 4 gold tee nine hole golfers accompanied by Tommy Atkins who decided to chip, putt or whatever on any given hole.

The winners today were:

1st Place with a net 58 and Low Gross with a 69:  Jerry Robinson.  Jerry also won the closest to the pin prize at 16″ 1″ beating out John Moran by 1 1/4″.  2nd Place with a net 61:  Chris Williams
3rd Place with a net 64:  Frank Severn an Bob Kiker.
The course will be closed Monday for over seeding.  Volunteers requested.
Doug Miller

9-Holer Report
With fall like weather in the air somewhere near Amarillo, we had eight of the BLGC MGA World Famous 9-Holers out for MEDAL play format today. The Herd was evenly divided into two foursomes of GOLD golfers and Green golfers; a designation based on the tee colors and not the color of their attire.
GOLD TEES (handicap adjusted)
1st Place for $4: Doug Miller, net 28;(you may notice a pattern of Doug winning every week)
2nd Place for $2: John Moran, net 32 ½;
3rd Place for $1: Jay Harbison, net 35 ½;;
4th Place for $1: Don Webb, net 36 ½.

GREEN TEES (handicap adjusted)
1st Place for $4: Greg Kepner, net 31 ½;
2nd Place for $2: Mac McConahy, net 34;
3rd Place for $1: Paul Castiglione, net 35;
4th Place for $1: James Longoria, net 36 ½.
That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake.
Paul Castiglione
9-Holer Herder

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