MGA Results – 11-15-18

It’s hard to understand how we had only 13 golfers on what turned out to be a beautiful morning. That said, we had only 5 regular golfers who played our Nassau format; 4 nine holers; and 4 putters who were able to tee off right at 9:00. The winners were:

Front nine with a net 30: Frank Severn, Billy Blair and Jerry Robinson (you should ask Billy and Frank how they spent their big prize money).
Back nine: Randy Cole with a net 28
Total with a net 62: Jerry Robinson and Randy Cole
Mac won closest to the pin at 8 feet, 7 inches.
Randy Cole had the low gross score of 70 (tied by Mac McConahy if we double his 9 hole score of 35).
Remember, no golf next Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving. Doug

BLGC MGA 9-Holer Report

A frosty cool morning greeted those BLGC MGA World Famous 9-Holers as they assembled for a game of NASSAU golf. On these cold mornings the guys move in slow motion, so some hot coffee helps to get them going. Today’s highlights include Don Webb’s “ACE” at the #2 green and Mac’s “birdie” at #8. Mac also had the CTP of 8’ 7” on #8.
Here’s how the Herd did today:

Putting Competition (handicap adjusted):
1st Place for $5: James Longoria, 17.67 putts;
2nd Place for $3: Doug Miller, 18.25 putts;
3rd Place for $2: C.L. Newsome, 18.81 putts;
4th Place for $2: Don Webb, 19.19 putts;
Golfing Competition (also handicapped):
1st Place for $5: Mac McConahy, net 32;
2nd Place for $3: Paul Castiglione, net 33 ½;
3rd Place for $2: Greg Kepner, net 36;
4th Place for $2: Bob Westbrook, net 38 ½;

That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake.
Paul Castiglione 9-Holer Herder


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