MGA Results- 2-7-2019

Probably good that we got an early start since it started to get colder and windier by noon. We did have 17 golfers today. Seven 18 hole golfers who played our Medal Format golf, 6 nine holers and four putters. The 18 hole winners today were:

CTP: Bob Tuttle at 18 feet 11 inches
Low Gross with a 68: Bob Tuttle
1st with a net 61: Billy Blair
2nd with a net 64: Mark Atkins and Randy Cole


BLGC MGA 9-Holer

With the weather forecast six hours behind schedule, we had ten of those BLGC MGA World Famous 9-Holers show early for coffee and doughnuts.  We had six golfers and four putters in the Herd today (substantially outnumbering the pesky 18-holers).

Here’s how the Herd did today:
Putting Competition (handicap adjusted and always subject to change):
1st Place for $3: Doug Miller, net 38 putts;
2nd Place for $4: Don Webb & Ken Mayne, tied, net 36 putts;
3rd Place for $1: James Longoria, net 38 putts.

Golfing Competition (also handicapped):
1st Place for $4: Tommy Atkins, net 32;
2nd Place for $3: Jim Buckingham, net 30 ½;
3rd Place for $2: Greg Kepner, net 32 ½;
4th Place for $1: John Moran, net 33 ½;
5th Place for $1: Paul Castiglione, net 38 ½;
6th Place for $1: Bob Westbrook, net 39.

Thanks, Tommy, for the great pizza. Thanks to the Kiker’s and the Harbison’s for some great desserts!
Paul Castiglione
9-Holer Herder

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