MGA Results – 3-7-19

Now that I am back here are the results from yesterdays Eclectic tournament,
10 regular golfers

1st with a net 29 Frank Severn
2nd with a net 31 1/3 John Buford
3rd with a net 32 1/3 Mark Atkins
Low Gross Frank Severn 33

9-Holer Report
Here’s how the 9-Holers  did today:
Putting Competition (handicap adjusted and always subject to change):
1st Place for $0: James Longoria, net 34.83 putts;(bragging rights)
2nd Place for $0: Don Webb, net 35.00 putts; (you forgot to leave the $5 Don!)

Golfing Competition (also handicapped):
1st Place for $4: John Moran, net 30 ½;
2nd Place for $3/each: Tommy Atkins & Paul Castiglione, net 31;
3rd Place for $2: James Longoria, net 34 ½;
4th Place for $1: Bob Westbrook, net 37;
5th Place for $1: Mac McConahy, net 37 ½;
6th Place for $1: Jim Buckingham, net 38;
7th Place for $1: Don Webb, net 38 ½.

That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake.
Paul Castiglione

9-Holer Herder

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