MGA Results – 5-24-18

Another hot one, but it looks as if it will be getting worse.  Still, we did get 18 golfers out for the round today but this time the nine holers outnumbered the regular golfers 10 to 8.  The game today was Medal Play with Randy Cole and Mark Atkins tying for first with a net 61.  Jay Harbison won third with a net 62.  Mark also shot the low gross score of 67. There were 11 golfers signed up for the closest to the pin contest.  Tommy Atkins was the only person to hit the green (but he didn’t pay his $1 entry fee) so the pot will be carried over to out next outing.

Remember that there will be no tournament next Thursday, but please show up at 7 AM next Thursday to help with the plugging of the greens.

BLGC MGA 9-Holer Report

We had ten of those World Famous 9-Holers out for some MEDAL PLAY golf today. Greatly outnumbering the pesky 18-holers, the Herd ruled today! The action of the Herd is captured in the attached file. 20180524 BLGC MGA 9-Holer Report

Here’s how the old guys did today:
Putting Competition: (handicap adjusted)
1st Place for $5: a tie; C.L. Newsome and James Longoria, net 15 putts;
2nd Place for $2: Don Webb, net 17 putts;
3rd Place for $1: Ken Mayne, net 18.5 putts;
Golfing Competition:
1st Place for $4: Mac McConahy, net 29 (gross 34);
2nd Place for $2 each: Tommy Atkins & Paul Castiglione, net 32;
3rd Place for $2: John Moran, net 33;
4th Place for $1: Tom Robinson, net 33 ½;
5th Place for $1: Greg Kepner, net 36 ½;

That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake!

Paul Castiglione
9-Holer Herder

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