MGA Results – 6-28-18

We had 18 golfers again today. The heat doesn’t seem to be keeping people away. The 8 nine holers played their usual games today, but with James and Ken absent that left them with only two putters. The 10 regular golfers played our Medal Play format The winners were:

First with a net 58: Doug Miller
Second with a net 63: Billy Blair
Third with a net 64 and with the low gross: Bob Tuttle
Larry Anderson won the closest to the pin money at 9 feet 3 inches.
Be sure to sign up for lunch on the 12th. Doug

BLGC MGA 9-Holer Report
It’s getting hot these days, but those World Famous BLGC MGA 9-Holers were out today, eight strong, for a round of MEDAL PLAY. Today’s report is brief. We had two putting competitors: Don Webb and C.L. Newsome. We had six golfing competitors: Greg Kepner, John Moran, Mac McConahy, Tommy Atkins, Bob Westbrook and me. Today’s highlight was Mac in his new kilt outfit. It was a black kilt with red highlights (it was approved by the Texas Tech alumni). I had to remind the guys not to stand behind Mac when he bent over to tee up the ball! If you do, it will just ruin the rest of your day! I had to divide the Herd into two groups – four golfers going off the #1 tee box first and then two golfers with two putters following in the second group. C.L. Newsome was the scorekeeper for the second group. I know we played all nine holes today but the scorecard only reflected eight holes of scores for Bob and me. But no problem. The trusty old Quantum 9-Holer Computer can fix that in a jiffy. It has enough stored data on each golfer and a new A.I. program that it can “fill-in” any needed scores. So once all the Herd was safely back in the pro shop for some hot coffee to cool down with, the scorecards were tossed into the Quantum 9-Holer Computer card shredder and faster than Mac can hold down his kilt in a gust of wind, the results were displayed in holographic 4K on the table top.

Here’s how the old guys did today:
Putting Competition: (handicap adjusted)
1st Place for $3: Don Webb, net 18.3 putts;
2nd Place for $1: C.L. Newsome, net 18.4 putts;
Golfing Competition:
1st Place for $4: John Moran, net 31;
2nd Place for $3: Mac McConahy, net 31 ½;
3rd Place for $2: Greg Kepner, net 33 ½;
4th Place for $1:, Tommy Atkins, net 34;
5th Place for $1: Paul Castiglione, net 35 ½;
6th Place for $1: Bob Westbrook, net 46 ½.

That’s it for another great day of 9-Holer golf at good old Blue Lake!

Paul Castiglione
9-Holer Herder

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