MGA Results – 8-2-2018

BLGC MGA Members and guests,

A mild morning temperature greeted 20 golfers (in the broadest sense of the term) for a round of NASSAU golf. Eleven of the guys were the 18-holers who play for the big money, fame and a good time.

Front Nine Winners: Tie – Jerry Robinson and Randy Cole
Back Nine Winners: Tie – Jerry Robinson, Billy Blair and Randy Cole
Total Eighteen Winners: Tie – Jerry Robinson and Randy Cole
Low Gross Score: Mark Atkins (69)
Closest-to-pin on #8: Billy Blair [Nettie; he won enough money to take you out for supper]

And speaking of lunch, thanks to John Moran, Jerry Robinson, Jay Harbison and Rob Throne. It was great guys.

BLGC MGA World Famous 9-Holers.
We had nine of the old guys out today. Six golfers and three putters. Four golfers were off first from the #1 tee box. And the Herd played quickly since lunch was coming and they to be first in line (sometimes almost an hour before the 18-holers are finished playing).
Here’s how they did:
Putting Competition (handicap adjusted)
1st Place for $5: John Moran, net 18 putts;
2nd Place for $3: C.L. Newsome, net 19.86 putts;
3rd Place for $1: Don Webb (who had to withdraw with back pain).
Golfing Competition
1st Place for $6: Mac McConahy, net 29 ½ (Mac shot a 34 gross);
2nd Place for $4: Tom Robinson, net 32;
3rd Place for $3: Jim Buckingham, net 33 ½;
4th Place for $2: Tommie Atkins, net 35;
5th Place for $2: Bob Westbrook, net 35 ½;
6th Place for $1: Paul Castiglione, net 36.

REMINDER: The MGA hosts the ladies of the WGA on September 6.

That’s it for another great day of golf at good old Blue Lake!
Paul Castiglione
9-Holer Herder and subbing for Doug “many miles” Miller

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