WGA / MGA Annual Blue Lake Special 2018

Many thanks to tournament director Nettie Blair and her WGA volunteers for hosting our Annual WGA/MGA  Blue Lake Special Golf tournament (mixed scramble). After enjoying a fun day of golf and a delicious meal provided by the WGA here are the results:

1st Place - 61 gross (sudden playoff #4) - Larry Anderson, Judy McAllister, Billy Blair, Sally Stemac
2nd Place - 61 gross - Mac McConahy, Susan Valentine, Bud Goodwin, Leah Roust
3rd Place - 63 gross - Martha Baker, Frank Severn, Christine Nicknish
4th Place tie - 64 gross - Randy Cole, Donna Cummins, Doug Miller, Nettie Blair
4th Place tie - 64 gross - Bob Tuttle, Sue Burkhalter, Jerry Campbell, Sarah Williams
4th Place tie - 64 gross - Jerry Robinson, Sally Gist, Marc Ramin
5th Place - 67 gross - Mark Atkins, Joanne Severn, Bill Murphy, Dala Campbell
6th Place - 68 gross - Jim Buckingham, Tina Burgess, Rob Throne, Karen Ackerman